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Designated Driver

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Are you interested in becoming an approved driver?

If you will be driving:

Would you be driving your Personal Vehicle for team travel?

Note- In order to become a designated team driver, you must submit the following forms* to the Student Involvement Office USU 306:

* Already submitted forms are checkmarked

   Defensive Driving Information form

   Auth for Release of Driver Record Info form

   Volunteer form

    Certificate of Completing DDT Training

If you will be driving a personal vehicle:

   Authorization to Use a Privately Owned Vehicle form

   Personal Driver Checklist

    Copy of Proof of Auto Insurance

I recognize that I am not considered an approved driver and I am not allowed to rent or drive vehicles for team travel, until I'm officially approved by the University.

If you won't be driving:

I affirm that I will not drive any vehicle on behalf of the Club Sports Program, nor will I, at any time, transport myself or any other persons participating in the Club Sports Program. I understand that if I violate this agreement, that I will be personally responsible for any and all legal and financial ramifications of my actions.