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Club Sports teams should add to a positive image of the University and any behavior that serves otherwise will be handled appropriately. Team officers and coaches are accountable for the behavior of all members and should serve as role models for appropriate behavior.

Being a member of a Club Sports team is a privilege, not a right. The behavior of an individual team member can damage a teamís reputation. The teamís behavior can damage the reputation of the Club Sports Program, which affects the image of Cal Poly State University.

It is the responsibility of each individual team member, advisor, and/or coach to understand the policies and procedures put forth in the Sport Club Manual and the Cal Poly Student Code of Conduct. Failure to abide by these guidelines or report any incidences to the Sport Club Coordinator may result in disciplinary action with the Sport Club Coordinator and/or the Office of Judicial Affairs.

Please carefully read the Behavioral Guidelines

I affirm that I will abide by the rules and regulations illustrated in these guidelines and understand that if I violate these guidelines, I am subject to disciplinary actions, including but not limited to removal from participation in the Club Sports Program.