3-on-3 Basketball Rules

1)         Teams play the best 2 out of 3 games to 11 points (“win by two, straight to 13”).    

             Teams can take a 3-minute break between games. 

             One team “shoots for ball” to start the first game.  Winning team gets ball first in succeeding games.


2)         Scoring will be by 1’s and 2’s.  2-point baskets are scored from behind the closest 3-point line (19'9").


3)         Loser’s outs- not “make it, take it”.


4)         The clearing line is anywhere behind the closest 3-point line (19'9"). All defensive rebounds must be cleared, even on shots not hitting the rim.     

5)         Teams call their own games, including fouls.  No free throws will be taken. 

             An intramural supervisor will be on-site to settle any arguments.  Repeated intentional fouling will result in player disqualification. 

             Winning team must report the results to the intramural supervisor.


6)         The ball must be passed in at the top of the key.  The inbounder cannot dribble in or shoot. 


7)         The half-court line is out-of-bounds.


8)         Substitutions are allowed only on dead balls.  No subbing on the fly.