Intramural Volleyball

Co-ed A Playoffs


Click on player's number to see his/her details. The captain is highlighted.

First Name Last Name Status Gender
1 Sydney Alnemy Grad Female
2 Ameya Apte Junior Male
3 Natali Banar Senior Female
4 Aviva Berezin Senior Female
5 Jeff Boxer Staff Male
6 Samantha Heller Senior Female
7 Bella Hu Senior Female
8 Niko Karkantis Senior Male
9 Benni Mandl Junior Male
10 Julia Mouk Grad Female
11 Can Nahum Grad Male
12 David Perlow Grad Male
13 Danna Pinto Senior Female
14 Ogi Rapaic Senior Male
15 Milton Shapiro Senior Male
16 Jolie Whitebook Senior Female