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Co-ed Indoor Soccer Restrictions

October 17

Remember... Two women must be on the floor at all times and ONLY TWO VARSITY SOCCER PLAYERS CAN PLAY FOR EACH TEAM AT THE SAME TIME !


Full Leageue Rules:

  • Indoor soccer will be played with (6) people per team. 
  • Teams can have a maximum of 4 Varsity players per game (Men or Women)
  • Only two varsity players are allowed on the floor at the same time.
  • At least (2) females must be on the field in order to be eligible to compete.
  • A minimum of (5) players is required in order to play and avoid forfeiture of a game.
  • Players can only play for ONE TEAM during the playoffs
  • Teams are expected to sign in with the IM table 5 mins before game time
  • Players are expected to wear league issued Pinnies or a shirt that is of similar team color and has a number.
  • Two (2) 13- minute halves are played with a continuous clock. Half time will not exceed 2 minutes.
  • Each team has 1 timeout PER GAME
  • After a goal, play will reset in the center of the field/court with the ball being awarded to the non-scoring team.
  • You must pass the team mate before shooting after a made goal or after a stoppage of play.
  • The ball is played off the lower half of the wall. Any balls kicked over the regulation area of the wall will be considered out of bounds and the ball will be rewarded to the opposing team.
  • No off-sides.
  • Overtime- There will be no overtime in the regular season. Playoff overtime will consist of a shoot out
  • Game Management Staff represent a final decision on all calls/penalties. If two teams cannot reach a solution then the determination of the Game Management worker will be the final say.
  • Standard contact rules generally apply (i.e., no charging with hands or elbows, no charging from behind, no holding the opponent etc).   Participants themselves decide whether a penalty kick is necessary.
  • Substitutions are permitted during game play but there must be a mutual meeting before the substitute can go into the game.
  • Any unsportsmanlike actions towards other players or Game management will result in ejection from competition and possible suspensions from intramural play.

If you have any questions, Please Contact Steve Angelo at X 3356

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