Intramural Tennis

Eun Jeong Koh - Camilla Meager | Lauren Springer - Cara Borelli | Jennifer Yang - Raissa Antwi | Lauren Springer - Raissa Antwi | Elaine Kim - Camilla Meager | Jacqueline Moreno - Eun Jeong Koh |

Tennis Rules

1.   All matches are singles matches. Regular season games will determine standings for the playoff (to be played on the last Thursday of the season).


2.   Each match will consist of an six game set.  The first player to win six games wins the set. If the score is tied at six, a seven-point tiebreaker will be played.  Win by two point margin.


3.   Each game will be scored 15, 30, 40, game.  No ad is in effect.


4.   Winning players must report the result of the match to the supervisor on duty.


5.   Failure to show up for your match at the appropriate time results in a forfeit.  Your opponent will automatically record a win.


    6. Players must bring their own racquet or get a racquet from the Front Desk.


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