Dodgeball Rules




Dodgeball Rules 2014


  • All games played in Dwight Gym with two games played across the gym.
  • Teams are grouped in divisions of four (4) teams per hour in the preliminary rounds.
  • Teams played the other teams in their division 2 out of 3 games with the group winner advancing.
  • Rosters are unlimited and games begin with at least 4 males and 2 females.
  • The court features a halfway line and two attack lines.
  • The game begins with 6 balls lined up across the center line. Players are lined up across the attack lines and wait for the whistle and then proceed to grab the balls and retreat behind the attack line before throwing. Players can not throw a ball from beyond the attack line or they are out.
  • There are no head shots. Balls that hit an opponent in the head results in the player who threw the ball being out.
  • A player is out when the ball hits them below the shoulders.
  • A player can protect themselves by knocking a throw ball away with a ball they are holding.
  • When a player catches a thrown ball in the air, the person who threw the ball is out and a teammate of the player who caught the ball returns to play.
  • Players must stay within the court boundaries and can’t leave the court area to avoid being hit.
  • Players can leave the court to retrieve loose balls and can grab loose balls from the mid court area but must retreat behind the attack line before throwing.
  • All rules will be reviewed at the captains meeting and at the court before each game.