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Lina Nguyen
Hello, my name is Lina Nguyen and I am a freshman. I would like to play on any team. I have been playing softball since the age of 9 in numerous leagues in Worcester. I started playing the position of catcher since the age of 10 and never left that position since. I also play 3rd/1st base and mid-fielder. I just want to play on a team that will be enjoyable! I can't wait to hear back from the captain.
Victoria Bruskin
Hey! My name is Victoria, you can call me Tori. I've been playing softball since I was six. I play 1st base and shortstop. Or any position really. I just enjoy playing softball and having fun.
Evan Earls
I'm Evan. I was an All Star in Little League and I've got the youth XL t-shirt to prove it. I'm down to crush balls and have a great time. I'm a lefty and I can rock first base so hard you'd think Mo Vaughn himself is out there. I've been known to almost not let the sun get in my eyes in the outfield too. If you're committed to co-ed intramural greatness I suggest you sign me before you find me in the opposite dugout chanting so hard volunteer umpires wanna eject me.

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