Basketball Rules

1.         All players must check in with a Brandeis ID.  Teams may add players to their roster anytime during the regular season.  Current varsity basketball players are not eligible to play intramural basketball.  Players may only play on one team, regardless of division!!  Women may also play in the men’s division if they choose.  Former men’s intercollegiate basketball players may only compete in the “A” division.  Team captains are responsible for their players' eligibility.  Teams found using illegal players will FORFEIT those games.


2.         Teams will have 10 minutes after scheduled gametime to field a team or a forfeit will be declared!!   Two forfeits will result in the team being dropped from the league.  Teams may play with 4 players to avoid a forfeit.


3.         At the conclusion of each game, each team will be given a sportsmanship rating based on its behavior and conduct.  Teams must have a “B” average at the end of the season to be eligible for the playoffs.  Team captains are held responsible for the behavior of their players, coaches, fans, etc.  


4.         Jewelry is NOT permitted -- all necklaces, earrings, rings, watches, etc. must be removed.  (EXCEPTION: religious or medical alert bracelets and/or necklaces are allowed but must be taped down.)      Hats are not allowed.  Hard casts are not allowed.

All players must wear clean, dry, non-marking athletic shoes.  NO STREET SHOES!! 


 5.        All players must wear a numbered jersey.  The Athletic Dept. will provide numbered mesh jerseys at each game.  Teams may wear their own uniforms as long as all shirts are the same color and each player has a different number.  Uniforms with inappropriate words/names/numbers on them will not be allowed.     


6.         Each game will consist of two 20-minute halves; running time except during the last two minutes of the 2nd half only.  Overtime periods will be 3-minutes, stopped time last 1 minute.  The clock DOES NOT stop on made baskets EVER. (Note: The clock will not stop if the point differential in the game is 20 points or more.)  


7.         Each team will be allowed 3 timeouts per game to be used at any time.  1 additional timeout will be given for overtime periods. 


8.         Five personal fouls will result in player disqualification.  All unsportsmanlike technical fouls count as personal fouls and team fouls.  Two technical fouls or a flagrant foul will result in player ejection.  (Note: An ejection automatically carries a minimum one game suspension.)

9.         The “one-and-one” free throw shooting bonus will go into effect on the 7th team foul of each half. 

            The “double bonus” will go into effect on the 10th team foul of each half.


10.       On free throw attempts, players in the lane positions may move once the shot is released; the shooter must wait for the shot to hit the rim.  The lowest lane space will be left vacant on free throw attempts.


11.       A jump ball will start the game and all overtime periods.  Alternating possession arrow will be used for all other jump ball situations.


12.       There is no subbing “on the fly”.  Substitutes must check in at scorer's table and wait for an official to acknowledge them during a dead ball before they may enter the game.


13.       All divisions will use the college (20' 9") three-point line (furthest from the hoop).